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Christchurch Animal Hospital Tour

We are very proud and excited about our refurbished clinic and would love to show you around.  Our separate cat and dog wards will ensure your pet can relax while recuperating, without having to worry about one of their arch-nemeses in the cage next door!

We think we are the smartest and cleanest veterinary clinic in Christchurch. Take a look for yourself!

At Vetcall we understand that quality veterinary care is not just about buildings and equipment.  It is about great people giving high quality compassionate care, honest and clear communication and personal friendly service. Our small, tight knit and experienced team genuinely enjoys taking the time to get to know our clients and their pets and would love you to become a part of our Vetcall family.

Reception, Waiting and Retail area

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This is where our friendly nurses Kash and Helen will greet you with a smile and help you out with what ever you need. Our waiting area is spacious and we have separate seating areas for dogs and cats. We have a great range of premium pet foods, prescription diets, worming and flea products, grooming products and lots of good quality accessories, fun toys and yummy treats.




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Consulting Room

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This is where our vets Claire and Colin will examine your pet.  The room is nice and big which is really handy for when a family visits with their pet and also great for examining large dogs. There is client seating and a hand washing area.  This room also is home to our pharmacy, and x-ray unit. Our animal records are fully computerized which allows us quick and easy access to your pets full medical history.





Preparation, Treatment and Recovery Room

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This space is basically the engine room of the clinic.  In this area we sedate and anaesthetize animals and get them ready for surgery in our sterile theatre or other procedures.  Our heated recovery cages are kept here so that our team can closely monitor recovering and critical patients. Examination of hospitalized patients, administration of medications, fluid drip set ups, blood tests, ultrasound examinations, blood pressure monitoring, dentistry, specialty grooming and non sterile surgeries like abscesses all happen here. 














Dog Ward


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Our heated dog ward has spacious cages complete with fluffy beds which make for a cozy and comfortable stay for your dog. 










Cat Ward

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Cats are housed separately to dogs in our dedicated heated cat ward to minimize stress during your cat’s time in hospital. We provide fluffy beds and blankets for your cat to snuggle up in, and cages are positioned so that your cat does not need to look at other cats.















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In house Laboratory

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In this space we carry out a range of essential tests from blood, urine and faecal testing through to cytology and digital processing and viewing of x-rays.   Because we perform the vast majority of our lab work on-site, urgent results can be gathered in the quickest possible time giving direction to the most appropriate treatment - often the difference between life and death in such cases.  Unfortunately our beloved pets can’t tell us when they are unwell.  We depend on their behaviour, clinical examination and testing to determine when disease and disorders are present.  Often, blood tests can reveal early stages of disease that may not be outwardly apparent.  In such cases we can take action to delay or prevent onset of such disease improving quality and quantity of life.  In-house testing allows us to promptly plan a course of treatment suitable for your pet.






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Sterile Theatre

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Our purpose-built operating theatre is equipped to deal with everything from non-routine /elective soft-tissue surgery (lump removals, stitching wounds etc) to orthopaedic surgery (cruciate and patella surgeries, pinning/plating fractured bones etc).










Isolation Ward

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This is where we hospitalize patients with infectious disease such as Parvo and Cat Flu and some types of Gastro-enteritis.  We are very lucky to have a stand alone isolation ward as this minimizes the risk of transfer of infection to other patients.