Why should I consider getting my pet insured?

Posted by Vetcall on 31 May 2013


Veterinary care has become very sophisticated in recent years.  Our facilities and treatments are not far behind what you would expect for yourself at your local hospital.  There is also a network of registered specialists available for more complicated problems.  Unfortunately higher standards of care mean that the cost of veterinary treatment has increased and will continue to increase.

It is worth thinking about pet insurance.  There are several companies that offer pet insurance.  As with any insurance it is worth shopping around and reading the fine print.  Petplan is our insurance company of choice.  They have an excellent reputation with both owners and veterinarians alike.  At Vetcall we are able to offer you a 'Four Week Free' no obligation policy with Petplan for puppies and kittens aged between eight weeks and twelve months of age.  If you would like to take advantage of this 'Four Week Free Policy' please let us know so we can complete an on-line application form on your behalf to commence this cover with immediate effect.  The policy covers up to $3000 for veterinary fees resulting from illness or injury, death from illness or injury, loss by theft or straying, up to $500 for advertising and reward.  There is a seventy two hour stand down for illness cover. Towards the end of the four week period a representative from Petplan will contact you to see if you would like to continue your cover by upgrading to a paid policy of your choice. Petplan information brochures and application forms can be found in our waiting room.  Please note: Vetcall Animal Hospital does not receive any form of commission from Petplan Insurance.

An alternative to pet insurance is setting up a savings account for your pet to cover expenses like flea treatment, worming, vaccinations, food and unexpected health problems.