Keep your Christchurch Pet Safe this Guy Fawkes Night

Posted by Claire Cable on 3 November 2017

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Fireworks are scary for pets......keep your pet safe this Guy Fawkes night by following these handy tips:

  • Keep pets indoors

Bring them in before the fireworks start.

  • Turn on the TV or radio

This helps to cover up the scary sounds from outside.

  • Close the curtains

This stops them from seeing the fireworks and also helps to block the sound.

 Let pets hide if they want too

They will often feel more secure if they can hide in a small dark space.

Cuddle your pet

If they want it! Some pets like to have physical contact with someone they trust when they are scared, but others prefer to hide.

Make sure your pet has their i.d tag on

An i.d tag on your pet's collar with their name and your phone number is a good idea for both cats and dogs. Your dog should also have their council tag on.

Micro-chip details are up to date

Make sure that your pet’s microchip is working (microchip them if they aren’t already) and that your details are up to date.

Distract them

Use food, toys or games to distract them. Giving your pet something to chew on or play with, and playing with them may help to distract them from the noise of the fireworks.


Making sure that your dog has been well exercised earlier in the day.  This will help to tire them out and hopefully make them more relaxed.

Use Adaptil, Feliway or Calmex to keep your pet calm

These supplements can be used to help your pet to feel calm in stressful situations. Please ask one of our friendly staff for more information.

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