Merry Christmas from the Vetcall Team

16 Dec 2019

With Christmas just around the corner the Vetcall Team would like to wish you, your families and furry loved ones a very Merry Christmas, and best wishes for the year ahead. 

Thanks to our team:

Thanks from Colin and myself to our wonderful nurses Kash, Lucy and Chislaine who support us and make it a pleasure to come to work each day. We are lucky to have such a stable and experienced team. A special thanks also to Drs Susanne Anderson and Ann Wood for stepping in throughout the year so that Colin and I can get away with the kids and recharge. 

Win your pets next vaccination:

We'd love to see how your pets are enjoying the festive season.  Go to our Facebook page and send us a holiday snap of your pet and go into our draw to win. Here is last years winner Rosco.

Festive Season Opening Hours:

Tuesday 24th December  8.00am - 5.00pm
Wednesday 26th, Thursday 27th December  Closed
Friday 28th, Saturday 29th, Monday 30th December Normal hours
Tuesday 31st December        8.00am – 5.00pm
Wednesday 1st, Thursday 2nd January  Closed
Friday 3rd January onwards Normal hours resume


Please contact the Afterhours Veterinary Centre for veterinary emergencies at all times that we are closed. ph. 366 1052.  Your pet’s treatment details will be forwarded to us.


Summer Holiday Checklist:

  • For those of you intending to put your pet in a boarding facility over the holiday period please remember to get their vaccinations up to date in advance and avoid a last-minute panic visit to the clinic or them being refused entry.


  • If your pet is on prescription medication or food, please make sure you have enough supplies on hand to get you through the times that we are closed.


  • If your pet gets car sick or stressed when travelling give us a call or pop in for a chat as we have a range of treatments available for motion sickness and to reduce stress and anxiety whilst travelling.


  • Summer = Fleas and more Fleas! Remember to keep your pet up to date with their preventive treatment and avoid nasty itching and skin problems. Kennels and catteries are flea breeding factories so make sure your pet is up to date before your drop them off or you will be bringing home more than just your pet! You can rely on Revolution each month, and for those of you wanting longer acting flea treatment, Bravecto for cats will last for 3 months, and for dogs there are both 3 and 6-month Bravecto control options. Come and have a chat to us about what will suit you and your pet best.


  • Remember chocolate is highly toxic for dogs and cats so please keep presents and decorations containing chocolate out of reach of your pet.


  • Bones spell trouble for many pets – they can splinter causing life threatening bowel perforations or cause a blockage and lead to constipation and broken teeth. We stock a good range of safe chews and treats, so come on into the clinic and check them out.


  • Christmas dinner leftovers especially fatty meat and ham are not well tolerated by many pets and can lead to gastroenteritis or pancreatitis. If you want to give your pet a special home cooked Christmas dinner treat, skinless boneless cooked chicken with some vegetables and a small dollop of gravy would be a much safer and still delicious choice for your pet.


Lucy and Chislaine have had a very busy year completing their postgraduate nursing diploma alongside working full time at the clinic. This is a huge commitment and we are very proud to have our nursing team all fully qualified.

We are always learning, and in February Colin and I attended a conference in Japan which focused on the huge subject of weakness and the latest insights on investigation and management so that we can incorporate this knowledge into the care we offer to our patients.

Taking a break:

Next April Colin and I will be heading away for a month with our children for an off the grid camping safari through Namibia and Botswana. We are really looking forward to this exciting adventure and the chance to step back and have a proper break away 13 years after starting at Vetcall. Drs Ann Wood and Susanne Anderson (familiar faces to many of you), will be stepping in and it will be business as usual in their experienced and capable hands

Family News:

I thought as our kids got older things would get a little less busy at home but that is not the case! Erika has recently turned 8 years and Luca turns 11 this month. Luca’s main passion is mountain biking of all descriptions but especially downhill which makes Colin and I a bit nervous given that we have already had 3 broken bones this year between the two kids! Erika is horse mad and her favourite day of the week is Saturday when she has her riding lesson.


Colin has recently started learning the Trombone so we are now all playing a brass instrument. From February next year the four of us will be going to band practice on Tuesday night so we will be finishing consulting a little earlier on Tuesdays so Colin does not miss out on the fun.

Colin and I rode the Old Ghost Road Trail in June this year in some very challenging and snowy conditions – there was much bike pushing done and cold, wet feet for most of the trip, but some stunning scenery and great memories made. Next year we are looking forward to riding the new Paparoa Track and hopefully some good weather!

I have fallen quite by accident into a fermented food buzz and have a small Kombucha and sourdough bread production line bubbling away in our kitchen which everyone is enjoying…healthy alternatives to the homebrew beer coming from Colin’s small brewery set up in our garden shed!

Flash – I am pleased to report that our loveable scallywag Abyssinian cat is becoming more couch ornament than a hunting hero.  He was quite unwell last month and had us all very worried to the point that he had to come to the clinic for the day to be properly examined and have some tests. Luckily it was nothing more serious than some nasty bite wounds and he bounced back quickly. Our nurses were very relieved as he is one of our worst behaved patients in the hospital!

And to wrap things up:

Thank you for choosing us to take care of your pets and for the wonderful and trusting relationships we have shared.  We would like to wish you and all the special people and pets in your life a very happy and safe festive season.  We look forward to our continued partnership in the care of your pets in 2020 and beyond.

Warmest Regards,

Claire and Colin Cable.

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