How do I prevent my cat from getting fleas?

Posted by Vetcall on 31 May 2013

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Fleas are very irritating and will make your cat feel uncomfortable and itchy.  Some cats are highly sensitive and allergic to fleas and can develop a severe skin problem known as Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD).  As well as causing both you and your cat to scratch, swallowing fleas during grooming can lead to tapeworm infection.  It is better to prevent flea problems on your cat than take the 'wait and see approach'.  Each flea can lay two hundred to four hundred eggs, so you can very quickly have a flea ridden cat and house.

Some flea treatments on the market are notoriously ineffective and some are even dangerous.

At Vetcall we have various flea treatments for cats.  All are very safe, highly effective and easy to apply.  

Please have a chat with us about which one would suit your cat best.

  • Revolution is a ‘spot on’ variety COMBINED flea and round worming product which can be used on cats from six weeks of age.  Revolution should be applied monthly year round.  Worms can cause potentially very serious health problems in humans (young children and immunocompromised people are at highest risk), therefore use of monthly Revolution is our preferred flea treatment protocol.  Revolution is not a complete wormer so it needs to be used in conjunction with Broadline, or Drontal worming tablets three to six monthly depending on your cats tapeworm risk.
  • Activyl is a 'spot on' variety flea product which can be used on cats from eight weeks of age (>0.6kg).  Activyl should be applied monthly year round combined with either Broadline or Drontal worming tablets three to six monthly depending on your cats tapeworm risk.
  • Bravecto is a brand new 'spot-on' treatment for cats, offering three months flea and tick protection in just one dose (ticks are not a problem in Christchurch)! It’s suitable for cats from 11 weeks of age weighing at least 1.2kg. The big benefit of Bravecto over the other products is that it is effective for three months which means the flea life cycle is guaranteed to be broken (Revolution and Activyl will also break the flea life cycle if applied at the recommended interval but relies on you remembering to apply the treatment each month!). Three monthly application year round also ties in nicely with worming regimes.
  • Frontline Spay can be used on kittens from 2 days of age.
  • Broadline is a unique 'spot-on' product which combines good flea control and a complete worming treatment in an easy to use topical preparation which is applied to the skin on the back of your cats neck. Broadline is effective against fleas for four weeks.  When Broadline has been applied there is no need to use Revolution, Activyl or Bravecto for four weeks. Broadline can be used on cats from eight weeks of age. No more battling to administer worming tablets! We think that use of Broadline for flea control when worming is due is a no brainer!