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Christchurch Vet Price List

At Vetcall, we are all animal lovers, which is why we firmly believe pet care should be as affordable and manageable as possible. We are transparent and upfront about all costs that are likely to be incurred so there are no surprises.

We also offer regular promotions on products and services, loyalty schemes, advice on pet insurance as well as finance options to ensure your animals can always receive the very best healthcare available.

We take the time to get to know you and your pets and will always be open and honest with you throughout your pet’s treatment process, making sure you understand what’s happening.

Common procedures

Consultation - $56

Microchipping - $36

Registration Microchip (New Zealand Companion Animal Registry) - $30

Dental work – prices vary depending on the animal so please come in for a FREE check up and estimate  Click here for more information


All prices include full health check and vaccination

10% discount when presenting three or more animals at the same time

  • Dog/Puppy Core - $69

15% discount for 3 or more puppies for 6 and 9 week vaccinations (not including kennel cough)

  • Cat/Kitten Core - $58
  • Rabbit - $97.50

Click here for more information on Dog/Puppy Vaccinations, Cat/Kitten Vaccinations, Rabbit Vaccinations


All prices include full pre-op health check, pain relief and appropriate medication, anaesthetic, post-op check and removal of stitches if / when required.

  • Cat Spay - $115
  • Cat Castration - $85

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  • Bitch Spay:

Under 10kg - $295

10 to 25kg - $315

25 to 35kg - $340

35 to 45kg - $360

Over 45kg - $390

Click here for more information

  • Dog Castration:

Under 10kg - $200

10 to 25kg - $220

25 to 35kg - $240

35 to 45kg - $260

Over 45kg - $280

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  • Rabbit Spay - $230
  • Rabbit Castration - $150

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If you have any questions about the above pricing, or for price enquiries about other procedures not listed, please give us a call. Often we will need to examine the animal to provide a detailed estimate.  Click here to contact us