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Why should I get my dog vaccinated?

Posted by Vetcall on 4 July 2017

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Every year dogs of all ages become seriously ill or die from infectious diseases which could have been prevented through vaccination.  The micro-organisms' that cause these diseases are wide spread in the New Zealand dog population.  The expression 'prevention is better than cure' is very true since there is no specific treatment for the viral diseases and treatment is often lengthy, expensive and not always successful. All dogs must be fully vaccinated against the core canine diseases before they can stay at a boarding kennel. Infectious diseases that we vaccinate against: *Canine Parvovirus - *Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious viral disease that affects dogs of all ages but is most serious in young...

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Ringworm in Cats and Dogs - is it a worm?

Posted by Claire Cable on 23 March 2017

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This summer we have been seeing more Ringworm cases in kittens than is usual. An understandably common misconception that many of our clients have is that ringworm is caused by a worm.  Ringworm is actually a fungal infection which can affect the skin, hair and nails. The medical term for Ringworm is Dermatophytosis.  ringworm7 The most commonly isolated fungal species are Microsporum canis (commonly referred to as Ringworm), Trichophyton mentagrophytes and Microsporum gypseum. Cats, dogs and other mammals including people can be affected. Ringworm is more common in puppies and kittens than adult cat and dogs. These organisms are everywhere in our environment so like people, animals are exposed to these organisms from an...

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Why should i take my puppy to puppy preschool and what is involved?

Posted by Vetcall on 31 May 2013


Our Puppy Pre-school is a fantastic way to create a bond, learn useful tips and socialise your puppy, as well as getting your puppy used to visiting the vet clinic. Puppies learn how to behave in both human and canine company and how to perform fundamental commands such as sit, stay, come here and heel. You will learn about healthcare for your puppy as well as some key pointers to keep your puppy and family having fun together.  Each training session is accompanied by an easy-to-follow information sheets and advice on how to continue training your puppy at home.  We will do our best to help sort out any behavior problems...

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