Bravecto Spot-On for Cats - 3 months flea protection for cats

Posted by on 7 November 2016

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Bravecto Cat blanket

The longest lasting spot-on flea and tick protection for cats is now available at Vetcall Animal Hospital

Bravecto is a innovative, new and easy to use 'spot-on' treatment for cats, offering three months flea and tick protection in just one dose.  

The big benefit of Bravecto over other flea products is that it is effective for three months which means the flea life cycle is guaranteed to be broken (other products will also break the flea life cycle if applied at the recommended interval but relies on you remembering to apply the treatment each month!). 

Bravecto is changing the way we do things – forget monthly treatments and get an easy year’s flea protection in 4 simple doses.


  • Active ingrediant Fluralaner belongs to a new family of insecticides with no known resistance in fleas or ticks - the first of its kind in 10 years!
  • Nose to toes protection - Fluralaner is rapidly absorbed through the skin and tissues below the skin and then into the blood stream (systemic).  
  • Flea life cycle interrupted - no flea eggs, lavae or pupae produced for 3 months
  • Great for cats with Flea Allergy Dermatitis
  • Three monthly application year round ties in nicely with worming regimes
  • Single dose pack available in 3 cat weight ranges, small cat (1.2kg - 2.8kg), medium cat (>2.8 - 6.25kg), large cat (>6.25 - 12.5kg). All sizes are the same price
  • Easy to use twist-top non-removable cap means no mess and speedy application
  • For use in cats and kittens >1.2 kg bodyweight and from 11 weeks of age
  • Very safe - in topical safety studies 11-13 week old kittens were given up to 5 times the recommended dose at 8-weekly intervals and no adverse effects were reported
  • No interactions observed with concurrent use of fluralaner and other routinely used medications

Bravecto paw image

Apple and Android versions are available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

1. Download the “BravectoNZ" app from your app store

2. Create a profile for your pet(s) and enter when you last treated them with Bravecto

3. We’ll remind you when your pet’s next Bravecto is due, from the week before.




For more information about flea control in cats see our FAQ section : How do I prevent my cat from getting fleas?