At Vetcall we’re a small, tight-knit team who genuinely take the time to get to know our clients and their pets. Family owned and operated our core philosophies revolve around compassion, quality care and value for money.

To ensure a quality service we've assembled a team of highly-experienced professionals who are passionate about what they do. As animal lovers we know how heart wrenching it can be to have an ailing pet, and with that in mind we look after each and every one of our patients as if they were our own, treating them with care, dedication and dignity.

We firmly believe pet care, should, and indeed must, be affordable, so we’re constantly striving to keep our fees as manageable as possible. We are transparent and upfront about all costs which are likely to be incurred, meaning there are no surprises when you arrive to pick up your pet. We also offer regular promotions on products and services, loyalty schemes, advice on pet insurance as well as finance options to ensure your animals can always receive the very best health care available.

Continuity of Care

At heart, we're a tight-knit group of animal lovers! Because we’re relatively small (in terms of staff numbers) you’ll always be dealing with someone who knows your name, and, of course, your pets! And because we’re tight-knit the communication between staff is constant – you’ll never find yourself having to explain your pet’s situation to someone who knows nothing about their case, and our ability to bounce ideas and solutions off each other means your pets benefit from the combined knowledge of our whole team, rather than just one individual.


We firmly believe that communication is key, and we’ll be open and honest with you throughout your pet’s treatment process. As well as keeping you informed, we’ll make sure you really do understand what’s happening – we won’t bombard you with technical terms, taking great pains to explain each procedure or diagnosis in a manner which is easy to understand and comprehend, ensuring you’ll always be making a thoroughly informed decision about your pet’s welfare.