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What care does my rabbit need?

Posted by Claire Cable on 13 June 2017

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Rabbits are great pets that have character, are extremely sociable, enjoy the company of humans and are a great way of introducing young children to pet ownership. They are quiet, clean and are easily toilet trained. While rabbits love company, they can be left alone during the day and are therefore suitable for people who work or are away from home.  A rabbit can be housed indoors (secure any cables!) or in a predator-proof enclosure: Ensuring their safety is essential.  An appropriate enclosure is a hutch that is divided into two connecting compartments, one a wire mesh to allow access to natural light and fresh air, while the other is enclosed...

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Why should i de-sex my rabbit?

Posted by Vetcall on 31 May 2013

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Unless you plan to breed your rabbit we recommend de-sexing at six months of age. Spaying of female rabbits eliminates the risk of unwanted pregnancy when male and female rabbits are housed together, and also prevents uterine adenocarcinoma (uterine cancer).  This cancer affects about three quarters of female rabbits over four to five years of age and is often fatal. Castration of male rabbits reduces territorial marking (urine spraying), unwanted sexual behaviour and they are also less likely to fight with other male rabbits. De-sexing rabbits is more complicated than in cats and dogs. Rabbits are also very sensitive to anaesthetic drugs and to pain.  Because of this special precautions must be...

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