Vet clinic

From microchipping and vaccinations to dentistry services and weight-management assistance.

Our friendly, experienced vet clinic staff are committed to providing an exceptional service to Christchurch pet-owners and their beloved animals.

Our highly-qualified vets provide consultations and perform a wide array of procedures while our passionate vet nurses and administrative staff ensure your pets are treated with the care, love and respect they deserve.

In addition to a comprehensive array of traditional veterinary services we also offer more innovative services, including Weight Management Programmes and our Senior Wellness Programme, designed specifically to manage the care and enhance the quality of life of ageing pets.

Senior Pet Wellness Programme

Our pets can experience the same aches, pains and health problems that present in elderly humans.  A pet is considered senior from the age of just seven years, and they are at much greater risk for diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, kidney disease, cancers and others.  Many of these conditions are treatable if diagnosed early enough.  To take your pet to the vet once yearly is equivalent to a person visiting the doctor/dentist every seven years.  We wouldn’t wait that long before seeking medical attention, so why make your pet?  Annual and in some cases bi-annual Wellness Check-ups will catch any developing problems early, allowing a much better chance to treat and hopefully prevent these from becoming life threatening.  

See our advice section for more information on senior cats / senior dogs. 

Weight Management Programmes

Weight gain, leading to obesity, is an increasingly common problem we see in our companion cats and dogs.  This can lead to further health risks such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and ultimately shortens the lifespan of your pet.  

The first step towards weight loss is to know your pet’s ideal weight.  Up until recently, guessing an ideal weight can lead to over-estimating how much to feed, which in turn leads to disappointing results.  To help achieve an accurate body weight Hill’s along with the University Of Tennessee School Of Veterinary Medicine have formulated a Healthy Weight Protocol in which we weigh your pet and take 4-6 simple body measurements.  From this an ideal body weight is calculated along with a feeding regime.  

Nutrition is the vital component in influencing weight gain and weight loss, and so in conjunction with the Hill’s Healthy Weight Protocol a new weight loss diet Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution has been formulated to activate the metabolism, regulate appetite and burn fat.  In real life feeding trials 81%-96% of cats and dogs being fed Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution lost weight within two months!  

We are 100% committed to helping your pet reach their goal weight and our tailor made weight management programmes and regular weight check appointments are free of charge.

Click here to contact us for more information about our Senior Wellness and Weight Management Programmes.

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