Why does my pet need to have a repeat prescription checkup?

17 Oct 2018

By law all animals that are on prescription drugs must be examined by the prescribing veterinarian every 6 months.  Veterinarians are subject to a large fine if they are found to be breaking this law.

These checkups are very important not just because it is the law, but because it gives us a chance to check on your pet's general condition and how they are going on the medication.  It also gives you a chance to discuss any concerns you may have.  If necessary we can make changes to the medication and do further tests.

The nurse will advise you when your pet's next checkup is due.

We require at least twenty four hours notice of all repeat prescriptions.  Each prescription request needs to be individually checked and approved by Colin or Claire (the vets), and sometimes your pet's drugs may need to be ordered in from our suppliers.

You can either phone or email the hospital with your repeat prescription request.

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