Why is best that my pet has intravenous fluids during his/her anaesthetic?

17 Oct 2018

Putting your pet onto intravenous fluids involves placing a catheter into their vein and then attaching them to a bag of sterile fluid.  This fluid runs at a controlled rate into their bloodstream.

Pets on intravenous fluids tend to recover more quickly and smoothly, and we see less post anaesthetic complications.

When your pet is anaesthetized there is always a drop in blood pressure.  Having your pet on intravenous fluids helps keep their blood pressure in the normal range.  It also ensures we can quickly respond to any anaesthetic or surgical complications as we have immediate access to their circulation.

Many pets, especially when they are older are mildly dehydrated.  This is not usually a problem under normal circumstances but is not ideal when they are anaesthetised. Intravenous fluids will correct this dehydration.

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