Why should I take my puppy to puppy pre-school and what's involved?

17 Oct 2018

Our Puppy Pre-school is a fantastic way to create a bond, learn useful tips and socialise your puppy, as well as getting your puppy used to visiting the vet clinic.

Puppies learn how to behave in both human and canine company and how to perform fundamental commands such as sit, stay, come here and heel. You will learn about healthcare for your puppy as well as some key pointers to keep your puppy and family having fun together. 

Each training session is accompanied by an easy-to-follow information sheets and advice on how to continue training your puppy at home.  We will do our best to help sort out any behavior problems that you may be experiencing at home.

The course is divided into four classes held over three consecutive Monday or Tuesday evenings starting at 7.30pm. Each class covers both theory and practical activities lasting for approximately 1 hour. 

The cost of attending the puppy preschool is $103.00.  As well as the weekly information sheets this includes a 50% off Hills puppy food voucher, a lead, puppy starter kit including $50 worth of savings plus a free gift!  Your puppy will also receive a graduation certificate on completion of puppy preschool.  To find out more, or to enroll your puppy give us a call at the clinic or send us an email.

If your puppy is over 16 weeks or will be 16 weeks before the end of the course we recommend going to Canterbury Canine Obedience Club.  They run an excellent 8 week obedience course for older puppies and dogs.  

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